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February 27

A Thought: True repentance begins with honest ownership of accountability. Shifting blame is as unfair to others as it is untrue to self—and it stunts any possible growth. Today is a great day to do a bit of self reflection as to your mode of operation. Jesus said He “came to give life and give it abundantly.” John 7:7

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February Stone Soup Visit!

Stone Soup Mission Friends, THANK YOU ALL who braved the iffy Sunday afternoon to assist those in need at Stone Soup.  We felt your prayers and we hope all of those we served felt our prayers to God for their health and safety Sunday and so far this week through the rough weather. Asbury has served when blistering hot and […]

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February 25

A Thought: As you find yourself being ready for spring, as so many do, keep hope alive. Hope is that which removes negativity and directs you toward the very real and promised goodness of God. You remember it in your past experiences, so you must embrace it in your present and future! “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped […]

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February 24

A Thought: Plan to be Patient. Patience is not an innate response for most of us, therefore we have to intentionally PLAN to be patient. With that focus, when life demands you to negotiate a disruption, you will be able to respond with a better attitude. Examples you may experience: The Weather. Accidents. Traffic amidst accidents or highway construction. Illness, […]

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February 23

A Thought: The Snowflake. I know, I know—winter—you’re over it, already! Well, Mother Nature says”Not.” Supposedly, no two snowflakes are alike. We share that nature—NO ONE is quite like you. No one can do quite what you can do, think; or feel. You are uniquely YOU. So go out there today and share with this great, big, wonderful world what […]

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February 22

A Thought: Statements of importance. As we walk the path of Lent, this 40-day period of contemplation, reflection and prayer, listen with fresh ears the statements of Christ and Pilate, as the drama unfolds. Hear Jesus’ intent with each Word, for it is not to be heard by just the witnesses then, but now….today! The message given in this morning’s […]

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