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January 31

A Thought: Cooperation. Feeling blessed today as I think on the teamwork of my spouse and I tackling a project; our church leadership visioning together for Asbury’s future; for friendships moving forward in healthy ways. Cooperation always bears effective results in the melding of mind, spirit and energy. Eccles.4:12 “A threefold cord is not easily broken.”

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January 30

A Thought: Clutter. It’s interesting to examine what ‘clutters’ our lives: things, attitudes, old wounds, regrets. January is drawing to a close. It is usually the month we try to wipe the slate clean and de-clutter. Actually, each day we have the opportunity to do this, materially and spiritually. Commit this day to remove at least one thing which impairs […]

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January 29

A Thought: How will you live out today? Everyday we have a choice of our focus. Will we be focused ” on just getting through it” OR will we focus on what we can contribute to it? Switch your focus and you change the outcome of the day. Have a great one! “Seek first God’s Kingdom, and everything else will […]

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ACCDC Registration Now Open!

                 ACCDC   Registration is currently open for members of Asbury and current Asbury Christian Child Development Center families.  On Monday, February 2nd registration will open to the public at 9:00 am.   Classroom slots will be filled on a first come basis.  We are finishing a great school year and looking forward to a fantastic […]

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January 28

A Thought: Negotiations. Because life fluctuates, ebbs and flows, we have to be flexible. This means we must be open to change; or sometimes be the proponent for change. The idea for change may not be ours, but nevertheless affects us. It is then, we may find ourselves in the midst of negotiations. Moses wanted Aaron to deliver and lead […]

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January 27

A Thought: Beginnings. Today, begin something! Begin a good habit. Begin a new book you’ve been wanting to read. Begin to start the day with God: a prayer; a devotional; a time of meditation. Today, begin a plan toward resolving your problem. TODAY is a new beginning. Renew your faith in God’s strength, and step into your new beginning! Prob. […]

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