December 9

A Thought: Ornaments.

This pic is from our 9 ft. Old-fashioned Christmas tree. In this pic you can see the hummingbird ornament to the left our daughter Kate brought back from China; a triangular Holy Family scene from my parents’ Christmas ornaments dated back to the ’40’s, and a red angel ornament given to Tony and me from friends in Dallas our first year of marriage (32yrs ago). Ornaments on trees can tell stories about your life; share beauty; or just express personal taste. In 1 Timothy it speaks against the ‘adornments’ women were wearing because it sent the wrong message of ‘alluring’ and hinted even to the source as to where they might have received such finery. In our daily lives how do our deeds and words which ‘dangle’ like ornaments from us, send a message to those we meet? Will they see reflections of sensitivity and compassion or detachment and uncaring? It’s something to think about. Like ornaments, we are sharing a story constantly, as we live out our lives. Have a good one!

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