December 14

A Thought: Ministering Spirits.

The Bible tells us angels can be ‘ministering spirits,’ as they were to Jesus following the Temptations. Well, I’d like to ‘shout out’ to the ministering spirits who helped me on Friday night, after I got hit on Chenal following a SS class party. Thank you, Barbara Mills; Don Mills,Richard Duncan, Tony Hilliard, Chase Green, Janna Green, and David Moore. Thank you, Garrett, the ambulance EMT, Officer Tyler, and Officer Ball; and Laura, the attending ER nurse and Dr. Calicott. And thank you, Asbury United Methodist Church of Little Rock, for your understanding in my absence today, as I recuperate from this. First Advent service I’ve missed in 30 years—thanks, again. You’re the greatest, and thanks to our excellent staff which led our congregation today beautifully. God’s Peace to all!

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