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October 31

A Thought: BEHAVE! That’s all!

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October 30

A Thought: This Day. THIS day holds healing for some; decision-making for others. THIS day will usher a plan for some; an opportunity to practice the patience of waiting for others. THIS day needs a prayer prayed by some; answered for others. THIS day proclaims “Get off your duff and do it!” for some; and tells others: “Hold off! Not […]

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October 29

A Thought: yesterday is over—let it go. Today is a new day to embrace, enjoy, invest, and inspire—have a great one—MAKE it a great one! “Lo, I am with you always.” Matt. 28:28

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October 28

A Thought: Meetings. Meetings are either important or not, based on intent, careful dialogue, and proposed projection forward as a result of the meeting. What makes a meeting transform from a gathering into a progressive direction is found in clarity, inspiration and and investment. Without united effort, the desired effect is doubtful. Make your meetings count this week! “Let us […]

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October 27

A Thought: Your part. Sometimes, we are unsure of our role when reaching God’s goal for us. We place pressure on ourselves simply by confusion. To discern what God would have you do, remember this verse: ” I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” 1 Cor. 3:6. Each of us, whether growing a business or […]

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October 26

A Thought: Feeling lost. No one likes that feeling! And no one likes losing anything/ anyone they value greatly. And that includes God—He hurts when one of His precious people are lost. In that way, we find ourselves sometimes being the sheep that is lost; but SOMETIMES we are called to be shepherds helping guide others who have strayed, back […]

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