September 13

A Thought: Weekends.

Our weekends are as full as our workdays! There are the chores, projects, sports, charity work, housework, and bills to pay. By the time we get to Sunday, we really just want to rest. That’s understandable. It’s also understandable the Lord instituted Sabbath not only for rest, but worship of Him. We might bear that in mind today before we ‘overdo it’ and just want to stay home tomorrow! Because it is true, as you seek Christ for answers, you will find Him ministering to the hungry, the afflicted, the lonely, and the needy. But, when you seek Him, you will also find Him in the synagogue in worship. I guess I’m trying to say when we strive to follow His example, it can’t be just in the work. It must also be in the worship. I hope everyone truly enjoys their day today—make it great!

Lk 4:8 “Worship the Lord your God and serve only Him.”

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