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September 30

A Thought: We are ONE. This morning, a heart is breaking; this morning somewhere, a heart rejoicing. This morning, a heart is panicked—another, is relieved. Anger fills the heart of one; peace resides finally, in another. This day a soul is tormented in their sin; this day, a soul breathes thanksgiving in their salvation. What is the uniting bond in […]

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September 29

A Thought: Grace. As we are all recipients of Grace, give grace to someone today! John 1:16″ Out of His fullness, we have all received grace upon grace.”

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September 28

A Thought: Life’s Tempests: Do you find yourself or someone you love in the middle of a “perfect storm?” We’re going to seek in worship today how looking to The Light helps us navigate out of it. “Do not be afraid,” Jesus said, “for I am here.” Mk.6:52

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September 23

A Thought: Zacchaeus. He was short, wanted to see Jesus above the crowd, so he climbed a tree. He was despised as a tax collector, not always honest, so he sought out Jesus in obscurity. As we navigate through life, let us learn from Zacchaeus: 1) If something is blocking you from experiencing The Lord, be innovative. 2) If you’ve […]

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September 22

A Thought: On Feeling Lost. Maps, GPS, SURI…we rely on these to help us navigate our way to our destination, because no one likes feeling lost. In our lives, it would be great to have a “map” to help us navigate through tough decisions and situations. Well, we have the next best thing: We have God, who holds the “map.” Trust […]

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September 21

A Thought: When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was play with play dough. I liked the colors and the way it felt in my hands. There were all the possibilities in the world as to what to make. If I messed up, I didn’t destroy the whole thing –just the mistake. Today, I’ll […]

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