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August 18

A Thought: A new week presents to us an opportunity to structure our time in an efficient way so our days flow as well as possible. However, plans may have to be adjusted when an occasional ‘glitch’ comes into the picture. Keep calm; say a prayer; breathe, then, adjust. ”Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

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August 17

A Thought: Looking today at the idea of how to sustain joy in times of anxiety. After explaining He was the fulfillment of the prophecy in Isaiah 61, and was sent to the non-Jews, as well, Jesus was driven out of town and escaped being thrown off the cliff. I would imagine that was an anxious moment! How do we […]

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August 16

A Thought: Stubborn Hummingbirds! Watching the hummingbirds fighting away each other, drinking the socks off one feeder, while the other, prepared at the same time and hanging beside it, remains ignored. How often do we miss out on goodness which is right in front of us because our focus is somewhere else? Ps. 34:8 ” Oh taste and see The […]

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August 15

A Thought: This Day. “What will this day hold?” you ask. “Will I have the energy I need to do all I must complete before the weekend?” “Will I make the right decisions? Will I have the courage I need to speak up?” With every question, and every “I,” replace these thoughts with the power of “You,” which is God. […]

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August 14

A Thought: Persuasion. We have tremendous power to persuade another person to consider an idea, concept or action. What ultimately persuades them? Do not underestimate the power of your words and witness. Effectiveness is one barometer; trust in the one offering the idea, the other. Guard your words today, carefully, my friends! “If you claim to be religious but don’t […]

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August 13

A Thought: Disrupted Plans. She’s moved into her new home, but not without disruptions: 1) The trailer was so packed it wouldn’t open; 2) The appliances arrived, but needed a clamp and hose to attach dryer—back to the store for those; 3) Everything unloaded, and air conditioning had ‘issues.’ And you know what she said throughout all this? “Delayed, not […]

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