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July 31

A Thought: Listening to others. It is a good thing to listen to others’ opinions. Give your friends freedom to honestly share their opinions, even when they differ greatly from yours. You will either be enlightened or more greatly convicted. Either way, it will be a blessing. Prob. 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

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July 30

A Thought: Barriers. You’re going about your work, focused on your goals, and suddenly, you run into a ‘barrier.’ ‘Barriers’ can be in the form of retro rules, traditions, or even, well-meaning people. Before you react, be sure to respond—there’s a difference: react is emotion driven–response is process driven, utilizing active listening and prayerful discernment. In that vein, ‘barriers’ can […]

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July 29

A Thought: The Old Family Mantle Clock. It faithfully ticks away 100 years after it was made. Its chimes take me back to my childhood, listening to it throughout the house. Times have changed since then, but the task of recording time by the little clock, has not. Our lives change with each passing day, but our purpose in living […]

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July 28

A Thought: Having something to say. Some mornings I’m searching for something meaningful to share with you. I keep posting because it seems to be a blessing. You, too, may find yourselves searching for the ‘right’ thing to say when a co-worker ‘vents;’ a family member is anxious or sad; or a friend needs advice. Before you speak, pray. God […]

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July 27

A Thought: Stains. This weekend’s project has been to stain the fence. It’s guaranteed by the company to last ten years. Stains on clothing, carpet, etc we diligently try to remove. The one stain we never want to be dissolved is the stain of the blood of Jesus on our hearts, in freeing us from sin. Thank you, Lord. I […]

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July 26

A Thought: Collapses. When a building collapses, it is both sad and unsafe. Yet, it is a statement that there was instability within. Like the building, our spirit may collapse when subjected to constant harsh elements. So, the higher you want your life to reach, the deeper you must dig a foundation of faith, or it WILL collapse under stress. […]

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