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December 29

A Thought: Sharing a Favorite Scripture. If someone were to ask you what was your favorite scripture, could you cite it? Do your family members and close friends know it? I believe to claim God’s special message which speaks to you is important to you and also, as a witness for others to know. It can be a meaningful moment […]

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December 28

A Thought: Jesus. He is Born. He’s Been celebrated. Is that it? Jesus must be more than a holiday. He must be a presence in your heart. A light guiding your thoughts. A Spirit, THE Spirit, directing your conscience and decisions. We know God provides. Well, God has provided Jesus to carry You throughout your day. Don’t navigate one thing […]

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December 27

A Thought: Heading into Possibilities! As 2018 draws to a close, all of us have moments of this year we wish we could forget; other moments we wish we could sustain forever. But God created time and life to propel forward. What a WISE God we have! With a future, there are possibilities. Embrace them! God also gave us vision […]

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December 24

A Thought: Silent Night, Holy Night. Maybe all is not so calm and bright for you right now—it’s not for many people. For others, they’re almost afraid because things are so good. How do you sleep in heavenly peace when you are feeling turmoil churning inside your gut and your soul? Remember God. God who has worked out things in […]

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December 21

A Thought: A MUCH younger Mary, pure and chosen, held her baby boy and adored Him, as I do this little grandson of ours. She looked at Him and the wonder of His arrival and the awe of His Purpose. Then, as she comforted Him to rest, she saw He was sleeping in heavenly Peace. Today Embrace the wonder of […]

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December 20

A Thought: Creating. It was late in the evening. Pajamas and apron were on. It didn’t matter. A promise was kept. Cookies were created. Smiles surfaced and laughter bubbled up. Even, “Charming,” the elf, got in on the act and Laine Austin spied him the next morning with his hands literally in the cookie jar! What promise do you need […]

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