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November 7

A Thought: John Wesley’s Social Justice. This popped up on my FB memories timeline. John Wesley, founder of Methodism, gives great advice. Have a wonderful rest of the week! James 3:9-10 “With it(your mouth) we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the likeness of God; from the same mouth come […]

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November 6

A Thought: “Who is Your Pastor?” Pastors need pastors. This man has been my ‘pastor’ for almost seven years. Elected by our congregation over and over again, Baker Kurrus is our Lay Leader. Our United Methodist Discipline authorizes the Lay Leader to guide and lead the church should the Sr. Pastor become incapacitated, until a replacement should be needed. That’s […]

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November 5

A Thought: Walks and Works. People walk for causes. People engage in works. Missions of all kinds are dear to our hearts for the good they do, the emotions they spawn, and the hope they stir. In this new week, there is the mission of our own personal life and work, and the election is before us tomorrow. Pray God […]

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November 4

A Thought: Thank You! We give thanks today to those who have set, run, and finished their course of faith. They have contributed to our faith journey in so many ways, and we are grateful. I hope you’ll come join us for bagpipes in our Divine services, with glorious traditional hymns OR for 10:45 LAUNCH which will begin with “ […]

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November 2

A Thought: November First Friday. It’s wedding weekend for our niece, so family are beginning to arrive. November is a month holding a day where we gather around a table with family and/or friends for Thanksgiving. Today enjoy being present with those you love and trust more than any in the world. Whether you are in their physical or virtual […]

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November 1

A Thought: New Month Draws Us Nearer. With the beginning of November, we find ourselves drawing nearer to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and year end. It is supposed to be a great time of year to be energized and focused. Instead, we sometimes feel we have to cram every tradition, every item on ‘the list,’ see or contact every relative or friend—and […]

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