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March 17

A Thought: It’s a Great Day! Rest. Devotional. Coffee. Sunshine. Family. Worship. Fellowship. These are just a few of the blessings for which I will Praise Our Lord today. I will have the honor to baptize two little sisters and preach the Word. It may be Spring Break for some, and I hope all relax and are safe, but it […]

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March 18

A Thought: Ageless Advice from a True Saint. Happy Saturday!

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March 15

A Thought: Violence to Make a Statement. Pray for the people of New Zealand for the loss of 49 lives, their first terroristic experience. Negative acts/words only make the statement someone foolishly wouldn’t speak/act with Peace which is always far wiser and less damaging . “Peace I bring to you, not as the world gives, but as I give.” John […]

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March 14

A Thought: Focus. If your focus is on self, it will end in frustration because you’re looking for perfection. If your focus is on the Cross, you will find gratitude and peace. Have a Thankful Thursday!

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March 13

A Thought: Mistakes. Some times you have to suffer consequences of not your mistakes, but that of others. Staff at a medical facility didn’t follow through with an appointment made through another office months ago. When I called to confirm yesterday, I discovered there was no appointment. My doctor needed the results of a test in order to move forward […]

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March 12

A Thought: Storms. ‘Tis the season for storms. Awoke at 4:30 am from one of them. We were safe, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. People who are cleaning up after thunderstorms, snowstorms and tornadoes, need our prayers and support. The thing about storm damage, it forces you to rebuild your property and other ways to rebuild […]

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