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January 24

A Thought: What Can You Do? When people just can’t seem to get along—government, work, family, etc—what can you do to help the situation? Make sure you add your prayers to the situation. Make sure you are contributing through acts of peace and not criticism. And make sure you keep a flexible and open attitude. Proverbs 17:22 “A joyful heart […]

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January 23

A Thought: Learn to Compromise! Our government is teaching us an important lesson: Compromise is more important than proving who is right. When an issue seems to come to an impasse, the “right’ thing to do is for both sides to give a bit, meeting in the middle. That’s true leadership on both sides! Allowing families and individuals to suffer […]

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January 22

A Thought: You’re ‘ Out of Sorts.’ Have you ever had a moment when you’re feeling ‘out of sorts’ and can’t quite pinpoint why? I’ve found to say a little prayer, maybe say what’s on your mind if needed, and move forward in faith and hope, are helpful ways to get through those occasional less-than-pleasant moments. Stopping to count your […]

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January 21

A Thought: Family. On this MLK Day, I think of the sacrifice Martin Luther King made towards his family in preaching justice and human sensitivity to promote a higher level of understanding in the way our society relates to one another in most every way. To care for family in healthy ways is the best way you can ensure a […]

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January 20

A Thought: Happy Sunday!

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January 18

A Thought: Excited! What are you excited about? These three are coming for a visit while SIL goes hunting. It will be the first overnight visit for them since Camden was born. I can imagine Jesus got excited seeing the joy and Thanksgiving on the faces of those He healed; when Zaccheus ‘got it’ and his life turned around or […]

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