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March 23

A thought: The Choice to Change Your Chance for Joy is all yours! Prov. 3:5-6. Happy Saturday!

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March 22

A Thought: It’s a “Boo-ti-ful” Day! When Katie was a little over two years old, we would swing on the porch swing, and if the sun was out, she would look up at the sky and declare, “It’s a ‘bootiful’ day!’ She still loves the sunshine and so do her kiddos. God is so good to fill our lives with […]

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March 21

A Thought: Recuperative Power. It’s so interesting—no matter how light an injury or wound, or how deep—God gave our bodies tremendous recuperative and resilient powers. Prayers for those going through tests and procedures are also always powerful, so join me in praying for those in need. “Pray without ceasing.” Philippians 4

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March 20

A Thought: Preservation. This was my Grandfather’s(the late Rev. J. L. Dedman) preaching suit, complete with coattail. He wore it in The Thirties when he was Sr. Pastor at First Methodist, Hot Springs during Prohibition. (I come from strong stock!) My grandmother preserved it well and I am happy to have this piece of history. In our faith, it’s important […]

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March 19

A Thought: What I’m Going to Miss Most. Yesterday I was blessed by three intimate moments—each a miracle in its own way: hearing a young person’s hopes in life; getting a response from someone in hospice who had not spoken in a couple of days; and listening and sharing with a couple about to get married. Being a part of […]

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March 18

A Thought. Sage Wisdom. Timeless, Eternal Truth

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