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May 25

A Thought: Trust Must Be a Preserved Attribute. As we trust God to help us, we must preserve the attribute to be trustworthy. Without trust, there is no possibility of relationship. Thank You, God, for placing Your trust in us! Happy Saturday!

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May 24

A Thought: Keep HOPE Alive! Have a great Friday!

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May 23

A Thought: This is a Tough One. Tell someone wracked with pain from illness or injury to be joyful. Or a family picking up themselves after a storm or fire. Or loss of a job. Or worse yet, death of a child or spouse. Joy is the last thing you’re feeling. So how is someone to recapture the Joy? REMEMBER […]

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May 22

A Thought: Results. About 15 years ago, we had quite the vegetable garden at our old place. It was a lot of work to prepare the soil, but that is why it produced so much. I watered, weeded, picked, and cooked many vegetable suppers from this garden. And there were always plenty of produce to share. Reminds me of life: […]

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May 21

A Thought: “What are you Going to Do?” I’m getting that question a lot lately. It’s understandable to hear that question, as I’ve multi-tasked for awhile now, like many of us—My answer is basically: “ That’s the beauty of retirement: I don’t have to have a plan.” I’ve got things I’m hoping to do, but no set ‘Plan.’ And, that’s […]

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May 20

A Thought: God is Present in the House! Yesterday in LAUNCH worship, God’s Presence was felt in a mighty way. From the music, to the prayers, to the presentations of heartfelt words, to the puppets for children, to the two new young families joining, to the Holy Spirit taking over my message, to the applause and standing ovation, through the […]

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