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February 8

A Thought: Life Lessons. Sunday is Scouting Sunday. Tony, an Eagle Scout, is going to give the message at 8:30 and Launch service. Don’t let the title of his message on the sign fool you. He’s going to offer life values he has found through scouting, faith, and life. Jesus often gathered objects illustrating God’s Truth through them. Examine what […]

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February 7

A Thought: Claim Your Power! You can allow life to ‘happen’ to you, or you can take charge and make life happen by your choices and decisions. When you’ve gone through a tough time you may feel you don’t have the strength left to ‘fight back’ from stressful situations, whatever their cause may be. On your own, you may not […]

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February 6

A Thought: Today. Today will bring lunch with a new friend. Work. Preparing a bit more for the transition to come in June. It began with prayers of thanksgiving for God is good. It will hold more prayers for family to be healthy and safe. Hope for many things and many people. What are your plans for today? You and […]

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February 5

A Thought: Life is Good. Yesterday, I drove home with the top down. Today it’s going to rain. I’ve got things in my life I’m certain of: my God and Faith; my family’s love; my loyal friends. There are things of which I’m not certain in life: what tomorrow looks like. That’s ok. Might be boring to know what to […]

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February 4

A Thought: Together But Separate. During severe sinus stuff, Tony retreats to another bedroom to sleep. Together but separate( At our age, sleep is way too important!). In the human race, we are all together—having life and breath in common, but separate in almost every other way. Jesus was together with His disciples, but separate from them when He retreated […]

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February 3

A Thought: Just Knew. God knew we needed a day to worship—set apart just to be with God. God knows we won’t do that first unless He reminds us to do that. Why? It’s simple. We don’t love God as much as God Loves us. We never will—That’s why it’s called God’s Grace. It is given not deserved. God Loves […]

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