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April 6

A Thought: Searching. A Family is hoping, praying, and searching for a young woman missing in Uganda. Another family is searching for a little boy missing for 8 years, and a young man poses a hoax to lead others to believe he had been found. Political parties search to discredit one another. This is just a small sample of the […]

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April 5

A Thought: Faith. You don’t always see ahead what your life is going to be like. You don’t know what another’s actions are going to be. So you could think “I’m moving ahead blind and in the dark” or you could say to yourself, “I’m moving forward in faith.” The news just reported a pilot made the decision to bring […]

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April 4

A Thought: Be Grateful. That seems so simple, but when we’re dealing with unpleasant and uncomfortable situations, we may be so immersed in those things, we forget to be aware of all that IS right and good in life. But NOTHING changes your outlook on things than to remember how God has been there with you in your past to […]

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April 3

A Thought: Storm’s a comin’! Better do your outdoor ‘stuff’ today, because storms are invading our weather the next few days through the weekend. But that’s ok. It’s Spring—storms clear the air of pollen, etc. The same is true in life: Storms brew when emotions make assumptions and then, BOOM! There’s an outburst. The pressure point bursts wide open and […]

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April 2

A Thought: Just Do It! Do Truth. Do Responsibility. Do Sensitivity. Do Excellence. But whatever you Do, combine it with GRACE. “Jesus said, ‘Ye who are without sin, cast the first stone.’ “ John 8:7

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April 1

A Thought: We’re in Good Hands. Last night I led my final Confirmation Class with our confirmands professing their faith in Christ on April 28th. Their questions, our discussion, and input by their adult mentors, assured me we are in good hands with these young people. I was reminded again of the responsibility and privilege in being the Sr. Pastor […]

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