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June 7

A Thought: It’s Real. Office is cleared out and things are off the wall. Peace is in my heart and I can feel the joy in my eyes, seeing what God has done and How and When God has done it. It’s truly amazing the things God does when we let Him lead May today be filled with countless opportunities […]

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June 6

A Thought: THIS MAN. When you’ve been married to someone for 37 years and you’re more in love with him than ever before, you know ‘God did good’ bringing you together. So thank You, God, for giving me the best partner in this 37 years of marriage and ministry, which was pretty ‘tricky’ in an itinerant lifestyle; an amazing father […]

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June 5

A Thought: Memories. In my last few days at Asbury, I’m sharing some special times. This was from our old place where we had fishing; a hayride, weiner roast, bon fire, and I took the little kiddies in the small tractor trailer attached to the non-running blade riding mower. THEY loved it! And we LOVED sharing our place with these […]

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June 4

A Thought: Today. Is today the day you dread because of something you have to do? Is today the day you have to make a choice you don’t won’t to make? OR is this the day you will embrace a challenge which will be an opportunity to grow stronger? Whatever today holds, you WILL be Blessed—you just have to stop […]

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June 2

A Thought: The New Has Come! On this, the anniversary of my birth, I will serve my final Holy Communion as Asbury’s Sr. Pastor. Communion is a great word. As the Body of Christ, we “come into union” receiving the elements representing our Lord’s Body and Blood, remembering their power in reconciliation to God and one another. This transformation confirms […]

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June 1

A Thought: The Pearl. The gemstone for the month of June is the pearl. Kahil Gibran once said”A pearl is a temple built by pain around a grain of sand. What temple have you become and built around what grains?” Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is like the merchant who sold everything he had to buy the finest pearl. […]

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