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July 5

A Thought: Fishing. Jesus discovered some fishermen who clearly wanted more out of life—to experience a deeper meaning. His bait? The intrigue of following the Truth. Don’t you know they saw this man in complete harmony, mission focus, and joy and said to themselves, ” I want to be like that!” So they followed Him, and their faithful discipleship led […]

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July 4

A Thought: Freedom. There are all kinds of freedoms, but none come without sacrifice. Gal.5:1 ” For freedom Christ has set us free.”

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July 3

A Thought: Doctors. Most of us go to a physician at least once a year for our wellness exam. Then, like cars,we go see them when we need a tune-up or repair. We are thankful for doctors and their knowledge to help in healing. But, unlike our bodies, our spirits need daily repair. A once-a-year experience won’t heal nor will […]

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July 2

A Thought: Things in Place. Anybody who knows me very well, knows I practice and appreciate orderliness. I like things tidy and structure is my friend. I find, for me, I’m more effective when I’m not spending time hunting for things. In Creation, we know God practiced order, each creation was followed by another which benefitted from the previous creation. […]

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July 1

A Thought: Asking. “You’ll never know, until you ask.”  That’s something we’ve always heard.  That applies to our God, even though He knows our needs and desires before we ask.  However, it’s in the articulation of our requests that help us really know what is in our hearts.  Think about what you want The Lord to help you learn.  Then, […]

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Music Ministry

 On July 6th, we will celebrate the birth of our nation through our worship services.  We will present the Colors and salute the flags, along with a special video message from Red Skelton, sing patriotic songs and remember all those who have fought to keep our country free. Join us at any of our three worship services: 8:30 – Sanctuary; […]

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