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September 4

A Thought: Diversion. Today I am thankful for diversions. A mute button diverts me from the endless, unproductive and wasteful political ads. A phone call needing my help diverts me from something less important. An important conversation diverts and redirects me toward a greater solution than the one before. With Christ as my Guide, diversions can only be received for […]

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September 3

A Thought: A New Day. I’m excited! God has given me the gift of a new day—with all its possibilities to connect with new and also familiar friends; opportunities to bring others closer to The Lord; ways to increase and improve ministry—it’s all good. It’s going to be a great day BECAUSE I choose to focus on KNOWING God wants […]

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September 2

A Thought: Exposure. It’s really true how easily we are influenced by whom or what we surround ourselves. Choose wisely. These matters are crucial to your well-being. You will come away questioning your values and re-determining what they truly are. The final question should be: What does this say about me and my relationship to Christ? Hoping you each have […]

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August 30

A Thought: Peace. What gives you peace? A sense of fulfillment? A child’s sweet face sleeping, all tucked in for the night? Knowing a loved one no longer suffers? All of these things and more, inspire peace in us. And the common denominator in these?: God’s Presence. When you are needing to feel a deep peace, seek the Presence of […]

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August 29

A Thought: Your desires. In all honesty with yourself, ask ” What do I want?” It’s ok to ask yourself that—that question defines your direction and clarifies your motives. When you align your answer with God’s intent for you, look at what He promises! Psalm 37:4-“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. […]

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August 28

A Thought: Roots. As I look out on the trees this morning, I realize a tree is only as strong as its roots. When we ask ourselves if we can cope with our situation, it is a good opportunity to examine our ‘roots.’ Today, and everyday, nourish your roots of faith and spirit in prayer, Christian fellowship, and His Word,that […]

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