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September 2

A Thought: Exposure. It’s really true how easily we are influenced by whom or what we surround ourselves. Choose wisely. These matters are crucial to your well-being. You will come away questioning your values and re-determining what they truly are. The final question should be: What does this say about me and my relationship to Christ? Hoping you each have […]

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August 30

A Thought: Peace. What gives you peace? A sense of fulfillment? A child’s sweet face sleeping, all tucked in for the night? Knowing a loved one no longer suffers? All of these things and more, inspire peace in us. And the common denominator in these?: God’s Presence. When you are needing to feel a deep peace, seek the Presence of […]

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August 29

A Thought: Your desires. In all honesty with yourself, ask ” What do I want?” It’s ok to ask yourself that—that question defines your direction and clarifies your motives. When you align your answer with God’s intent for you, look at what He promises! Psalm 37:4-“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. […]

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August 28

A Thought: Roots. As I look out on the trees this morning, I realize a tree is only as strong as its roots. When we ask ourselves if we can cope with our situation, it is a good opportunity to examine our ‘roots.’ Today, and everyday, nourish your roots of faith and spirit in prayer, Christian fellowship, and His Word,that […]

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August 27

A Thought: Don’t Worry! Have you ever heard, “Don’t worry because half the time the things you worry about don’t happen.”? Sure you have–and it’s true. Replace every tendency to worry with an act of prayer and you’ll reinforce your spirit AND your confidence. If the other ” half of the time” does happen, you’ll already be fortified in the […]

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August 26

A Thought: Your capability. Some days we feel a bit more challenged than others. If we’re not careful, we can easily slide into a bit of anxiety. The cure? Remembering to take God with you into that meeting, that conversation; or that proposal or opportunity. Because it’s true that God does not ask you to do anything He has not […]

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