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January 9

A Thought: Extra Kindness. This day, someone is hurting. This day, someone is searching desperately, for a person, a dream, a job, or relationship, that is lost. This day, someone is seeking healing from a broken body or broken heart. This day, someone is facing fear so you don’t have to. So, practice extra kindness and be an answered prayer […]

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January 8

A Thought: Difference in opinion. To differ in your opinion about something with another, does not have to cause conflict. Listen carefully to what they are saying and why, then discern what, if anything you can learn or apply. If it is not helpful or applicable to your circumstance, decline with respect. And above all, pray to God for discernment […]

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January 7

A Thought: Inner Strength. I shared with my staff on Monday a thought about Hope from Romans 5: “We rejoice in our sufferings, because suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and Hope does not disappoint.” Whatever is difficult in your life right now, cling to your HOPE in Christ, and draw from His strength, for […]

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January 6

A Thought: The art of listening. We often hear the source of conflict is due to either not saying what needs to be said OR not listening to what has been said…or unsaid. Listening without a personal agenda as your ‘filter,’ is also essential. Our Savior and Master Teacher, Jesus, in fact would often say, ” ye who have ears, […]

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January 5

A Thought: Permission. THIS day decide to give yourself permission to own your knowledge; your capacity to be kind; and your commitment to do what is right. If you do these things, no one else will perceive permission to attempt to invade your security. Phil. 4:7 “Whatever is true, honest, pure…think upon these things.”

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January 4

A Thought: A New Year, A New Hope. Everyone has something they want to release from their lives. We struggle and sometimes lose the struggle, but it’s not the end. Hope is alive when you turn to God’s strength rather than relying solely on your own. I will share more this morning at Asbury UMC( ”The old has gone and […]

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