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December 19

A Thought: The Healing of Peace. A week ago I was going about my day, doing what I wanted to do and doing what I should do. As life does, in a second, things changed. I am recovering and am grateful for God’s creative healing process. One of the things which helps all of us in any type of healing, […]

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December 17

A Thought: Building Something. This is our barn. I helped Tony dig the footings and helped build the trusses for this over a decade ago. He built most of it, and his brothers and brother/in-law helped one weekend, too. When we build our lives in Christ we must remember no one is ‘self-made.’ People have contributed to your life to […]

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December 16

A Thought: Be Determined. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you experience a set back—in your health, your relationships, or your work. You are not alone in this because most people do, as life does not remain on an ‘even’ plain. So join me today in taking a deep breath, saying a prayer of thanksgiving for a new day […]

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December 14

A Thought: Ministering Spirits. The Bible tells us angels can be ‘ministering spirits,’ as they were to Jesus following the Temptations. Well, I’d like to ‘shout out’ to the ministering spirits who helped me on Friday night, after I got hit on Chenal following a SS class party. Thank you, Barbara Mills; Don Mills,Richard Duncan, Tony Hilliard, Chase Green, Janna Green, and David […]

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December 13

A Thought: Angels. Psalm 91:11 says,”He will give His angels charge over you.” God provides angels to protect, minister and give messages. I have experienced their presence and their power. In tomorrow’s service at Asbury, we will reflect on the role of angels in past, present and future life. I hope you will join us! 1700 Napa Valley LR, AR

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December 11

A Thought: Sentimentality. The last few days I’ve shared about personal traditions at Christmas. Many of us travel down ‘memory lane’ this time of year. We find ourselves being a bit sentimental as we relive those memories. These Ideals magazines were my grandmother’s. They are filled with beautiful art; pics of warm fuzzy puppies and kittens; delighted faces of children […]

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