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January 5

A Thought: Permission. THIS day decide to give yourself permission to own your knowledge; your capacity to be kind; and your commitment to do what is right. If you do these things, no one else will perceive permission to attempt to invade your security. Phil. 4:7 “Whatever is true, honest, pure…think upon these things.”

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January 4

A Thought: A New Year, A New Hope. Everyone has something they want to release from their lives. We struggle and sometimes lose the struggle, but it’s not the end. Hope is alive when you turn to God’s strength rather than relying solely on your own. I will share more this morning at Asbury UMC( ”The old has gone and […]

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December 24

A Thought: Celebrate! The deepest sense of celebration comes through being thankful for your life and your Creator of that life. If you don’t have plans for worship tonight, I want to invite you to celebrate with us at 4, 7, or 11pm at Asbury UMC 1700 Napa Valley LR, AR. Merry Christmas, everyone! – See more at:

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December 23

A Thought: A Family traveling. Many families are en route to be together during the holidays. May your journey’s struggles be solved by the Grace of God.. May you receive great hospitality, “because there is plenty of room at the inn.” May you feel the warmth of starlight, and smell the scents of Christmas. And may you rejoice with the […]

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December 22

A Thought: Fortified by God. On this day, you have the very BEST RESOURCE available to enable you to discern that which is important to accomplish, and that, which quite frankly, is not as important as you thought. That resource? God’s Spirit. It is not just given to the ultra religious, for ultra religious purposes. It is given and available […]

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December 21

A Thought: The Carols of Christmas. What were their origin? Why do we love them so? We’ll be exploring that today, and I will sing “Noel” in my heart to be back in the pulpit and back with my church family. Hope to see you there! Ps. 98 ” O sing to The Lord a new song!”

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