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June 13

A Thought: Your Need. Last Sunday, I gave a witness on my life. I shared the points of struggle; the scripture which the Word supplied which gave me HOPE; and the result EVERY TIME of how God supplied my need. Each life crossroad began in worry, but through Hope and Fortitude, I plunged forward Trusting God would direct me as […]

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June 12

A Thought: Intensity. Can be a negative or positive. With intensity, I slept in a bit today—I can do that now! With intensity, I persisted toward a desired result. The way that intensity is channeled can be a negative. Today focus with intensity toward your desired goal. Be mindful how that is executed. The disciples came to Jesus complaining they […]

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June 11

A Thought: Time to Pray. The beginning of every day is the perfect time to pray. Thank God for your safety through the night; rest; blessings of shelter; a beautiful day and energy to do your work for the day. After praising God, then request your needs for the day. God is faithful and will supply. Our tendency to worry […]

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June 10

A Thought: Snapshots. Here are just a few of the pics from yesterday’s worship service of our retirement in ministry. I’m sure there are more to come, as my best friend was snapping away with her camera! But here are a few taken from a distance with their phone. We never got a family photo, as we were rushed to […]

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June 9

A Thought. Give God the Glory. We all have moments in our lives that are meaningful to us. To give God the Glory for those moments is not only right, it increases the meaning in a powerful way. Today marks the end of my professional ministerial journey: 40 yrs since I was licensed to preach and 35 yrs active service […]

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June 8

A Thought: Lots to Do Saturdays! Growing up, Mom would fix pancakes, then there were cartoons, while folding laundry and put up, followed by cleaning up my room, etc.. It was a good plan that I carried on to my own girls when they were children. Saturdays for us in our stage of life, is coffee, breakfast reading the paper(yes, […]

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