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April 12

A Thought: The Simple Things. A Smile. A Kiss on the Cheek. A Chat. A Prayer. An Encouraging Word. These are the little things that can make a big difference. Everyone appreciates something kind, because everyone is dealing with something. Do what you can to lift up someone today. It doesn’t have to be much, to add greatly. Have a […]

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April 11

A Thought: Power Failure. 2 am power failure. 4 a m awakened to powered devices back on. While I’m thankful the electricity is back on, I’m reminded in our faith, we are equally disturbed when we are experiencing a ‘spiritual power failure.’ Unlike unknown sources when we lose electrical power, our spiritual power loss is on us! To stay ‘powered […]

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April 10

A Thought: Worth Repeating From 2015… Have a Wonderful Wednesday, All!

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April 9

A Thought:AN INVITATION Two Months from today. My preaching ministry began here, at FUMC, Camden, when I was a summer youth director in between semesters of seminary at SMU Perkins, Dallas, Tex. The late Rev. Norris Steele gave me that opportunity to give the sermon that day. I remember his encouragement and I remember the honor I felt preaching to […]

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April 8

A Thought: God’s Beauty. The dogwood trees have been spectacular these last couple of weeks! The dogwood tree has a special legend I’m attaching to this ‘Thought.’ When you see this tree in bloom, be reminded only God can take something dry and dead in its earlier stage, and create something of extravagant beauty. Happy Monday! 2 Cor. 5:17 “Therefore […]

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April 7

A Thought: It’s Dark Outside, but soon I’m headed to the Light. Not the light of day so much , as the ‘Light of Life.’ I am going to worship the ‘Light of the World’ with my church family. I hope you have that same joy today! Happy Sunday! Ps. 118 “ This is the day the Lord has made!”

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