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February 14

A Thought: God’s Valentine’s. No pics of flowers, but yes, he got them for me. No pics of chocolates—Are you kidding me? We don’t WAIT for Valentines to have a bit of that around! No. It’s a day that can be lonely or obnoxious for the single person with reminders from others how single they are. To me, it’s better […]

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February 13

A Thought: Learning. Never too young or old to learn. The AR Conference has offered an opportunity to teach me “How To Be Retired.” Of all the life tasks and challenges that will come my way, that’s not one of them.😉 I think I will be just fine. But Tony and I are attending and will learn something—just dont know what […]

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February 12

A Thought: Things. This popped up on my timeline from three years ago. Whether you’re dealing with change, challenge or channels of fear and doubt, remember God is not unaware or away. God has allowed whatever to enter your circumstances and will guide and enable your growth and strength from it. God is good that way—doesn’t inflict us with bad […]

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February 11

A Thought. Today is a New Beginning! Yesterday held many great blessings. Tony Hilliard reminded us in the message: Focus where you want to go, not what’s behind you; stand up instead of panic; and the strongest position canoeing and life? KNEEL! It was a great message and animated, as Tony always is! Today a change will be presented and a new […]

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February 10

A Thought: Partnership. Whether friendship or in marriage, it’s best to ‘partner’ through a challenge. God is our greatest partner as we face the difficulties of life and celebrate its victories. I’m proud to say my partner in love and life is offering the message today. It will be awesome. Good thing I’m retiring in June—-he could very well preach […]

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February 9

A Thought: Be Industrious Today. Our sweet granddaughter is reminding me what it takes to get something done: focus, determination, energy, hope for fulfillment of purpose, and perhaps, a bit of creativity. Saturdays have always been set aside for such things. Today choose one thing you hope to accomplish and just do it! Happy Saturday! Joshua 1:9 “Have I not […]

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