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December 9

A Thought: Let’s Get Our Worship On! ‘Tis the season to worship! Music will be lively and wonderful and the “Gospel According To Charlie Brown” will be delivered! We were spared the brunt of the bad weather, so let us worship in warmth and gratitude for the Gift of God’s Son! I’ll see you at Asbury this morning! “O Come […]

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December 8

A Thought: Cold Rain. Opened the door to the outside and felt the chill of a cold morning rain. My first thought was for those who have to be out in this weather—workers, homeless, and hunters, like my husband, who doesn’t have to be out in it, but Chose to for limited amounts of time. 🙄. We don’t totally know why […]

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December 7

A Thought: Embrace this Day. Today is a Great day. It is great because God has given it, and as we know, God doesn’t make mistakes. In this day, prove how right God is—create some good; experience some joy; commune with your Maker; and spend quality time with those whom you love and the creations God so graciously has given. […]

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December 6

A Thought: You Know This. It bears repeating: Whatever you’re dealing with, it’s going to be ok. Things may change. What you believed would be your course in life, may shift or be altered altogether. That’s ok, too. What’s not ok is to be stuck in disappointment or non-productivity. You were created to be resilient. Loss of loved ones during […]

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December 5

A Thought: A New Dawn. Ok, it’s a new day where we move forward; we mourn a President; and we prepare for holiday fun and winter chill. Today is what we make it. Why not make it meaningful? Reach out to your neighbor. Reach out to someone lonely. Do a good deed for the hopeless and the helpless. What a […]

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December 4

A Thought: Keeping Warm. Tis the season to keep warm and help others keep warm. Asbury is collecting mittens, gloves, blankets and other items to give the homeless to keep them warm. Such items are cherished in winter months to those who struggle against the cold. We see persons needing assistance all the time. Perhaps carry a spare blanket in […]

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