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October 18

A Thought: Grateful List: My God. My Precious Perfect-For-Me Husband, Tony Hilliard; My girls and their families; My Matriarchs; My Asbury Church; My Friends; My Talents and Energy to do ministry; My health; My love for the Word; Love for Music and My gifts. As we begin our day in thankfulness, it reminds us God is an active and doting Father. […]

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October 17

A Thought: God’s Word for All Seasons. In any given day, a scripture is needed to buoy our spirit, faith and confidence, or help steer us in the right direction. Scriptures also confirm moments of celebration as we remember psalms of praise for God’s Creation and goodness. Here are a few verses which may be of help. What’s your favorite […]

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October 16

A Thought: What Will God Surprise You With Today? God delights in surprising you with good things. But if we are bogged down in our own troubles; our own distractions, well, we may miss them. Open yourself to God’s goodness He wants to bless you with today. Allow God to give you that respite in Spirit today as you await […]

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October 15

A Thought: Together. Efforts together accomplish great things. We were created to be in community. God knows we need each other. Don’t try to do whatever it is, alone. Ideas, energy, and productivity are just greater when connected to others. Jesus needed His disciples to spread the Gospel in more places than He could alone. So team up with someone […]

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October 14

A Thought: Remembering The Children. We are celebrating Children’s Sabbath at church today. They will help lead worship in reading the scripture, passing out bulletins, praying the prayers, leading their own written litany of faith, and will sing in all three services! Each week they acolyte and are faithful in Sunday School and worship. Our children are spiritual leaders in […]

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October 13

A Thought: Enjoy the Day! Cooler temps, colors coming onto trees, pumpkins,pumpkins, and MORE pumpkins!(Buy them at our church patch!) Candles scented in spice, fire going in the morning, coffee in the cup, mums will be planted, and apple crisp made ( one of Tony’s favorites!) I am mindful there are those who will go to work and others who […]

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