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December 19

A Thought: Playing With PlayDough! Sometimes it might be a good idea to be as flexible in our connections or decisions as this fun stuff called play dough. What would it be like to enjoy all colors just the same? We are given the ability to ‘shape’ our lives to be most anything pleasing to God. In this Christmas season, […]

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December 18

A Thought: Breakfast Stories. Big sister is up telling stories as she has her protein bar and juice. Have no idea what she was talking about, but it made perfect sense to her and that’s what matters. In our everyday experience, we encounter people who share stories of great meaning to them—milestones in their lives perhaps; funny stories; life-impacting moments; […]

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December 17

A Thought: Family. What makes a family? Not necessarily in the genetic way. Family are persons with whom you connect through respect, warmth, care and love. God-given persons in your lives who want to help you be your best and hold you accountable to being your best, while sharing their belief in you—those are persons I consider family. Love is […]

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December 16

A Thought: Don’t Miss Opportunities! There’s so much to do and see this season! Don’t miss the most important thing: Worship the “Birthday Boy!” Jesus came to us as a child, wrapped up in God’s love, and delivered on the wings of an angel’s prayer. Today at Asbury, we worship with Lessons and Carols with glorious anthems in the traditional […]

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December 12

A Thought: Growing Up! She’s growing up and getting ready to be ‘Big Sister’—it won’t be long! As we look back through old photos of ourselves, we’re reminded we’re not 18 anymore. I’m ok growing older, as long as I am growing wiser and closer to Christ. It’s a great goal for all of us to have—-less Botox and more […]

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December 11

A Thought: Why Do We Love the Lights? Christmas lights are beautiful. They give cheer, warmth, and signal the moments are special this season. I have lights up somewhere in some form all year—in plants, etc. Jesus said, ”I am the Light of the world.” When we look to and trust Jesus, His Light penetrates our darkness and gives us […]

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