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November 21

A Thought: Remember. Remember as you sit down for Thanksgiving tomorrow, there will be protective agency personnel, military,rescue and recovery personnel, members of the medical community, etc.. who will not be gathering around the table. There will be patients in the hospital and nursing care facilities, who will not gather around a table. While these statements aren’t meant to promote […]

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November 20

A Thought: Thanksgiving Eve Eve. Company coming or traveling to them, they’re things to be done. Maybe you’ll be alone. That’s ok. When the Lord is with you, you’re never alone. With blessings to count and enjoy, you’re never bored. Look around and see who you can be a blessing to this week, as you enjoy your blessings! Happy Tuesday! […]

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November 19

A Thought: Take Care! ‘Tis the Holiday season, with more traffic, more theft, more emotion, at times, more drama. So take care—be more alert when driving; take safety measures when parking; pace yourself in prioritizing activities and tasks to be done, remembering PERFECTION is NOT the reason for the season. Breathe and pray before engaging in difficult conversations—responding, rather than […]

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November 18

A Thought: Listen to the Sounds of Grateful Hearts! There will be the great Thanksgiving hymns; children singing; The Horn of plenty; the French Horn and Trumpets being played; the lovely anthems; the fabulous Praise songs—-all of these and more, will be God’s people joining in heartfelt Thanksgiving with a Sound larger than the world’s troubles! Come worship with us […]

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November 17

A Thought: On this Saturday. Do something you enjoy. Be good to yourself. Read something inspirational, like the Word. Do something that brings order and peace to your life. It’s simple: Be good to your soul! Happy Saturday! Phil.4:4 “Rejoice always!” (Tree Credit: Kara Hilliard Willis)

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November 16

A Thought: Friday. A Day to Prepare to Enjoy. So, decide to do some good; have some fun; and spend some time with a loved one. Have a good one! “ A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Proverbs

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