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December 4

A Thought: Keeping Warm. Tis the season to keep warm and help others keep warm. Asbury is collecting mittens, gloves, blankets and other items to give the homeless to keep them warm. Such items are cherished in winter months to those who struggle against the cold. We see persons needing assistance all the time. Perhaps carry a spare blanket in […]

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December 3

A Thought: Shake It Off! ‘Tis the season to be Jolly, Fa-La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La!’ Lots of things to do; things to give; and places to go—all of this can bring you to a place in your spirit that feels less than ‘jolly.’ Or maybe the calendar hasn’t cooperated with a personal crisis going on in your life. This season places a […]

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December 2

A Thought: SOME Days!! Some days you just look in the mirror and are afraid of what you see! The reflection doesn’t look how you feel or isn’t the ‘real’ you. Long ago in Bethlehem, a young woman was about to give birth for the first time. Scary. She was not married. Frightening. And her baby was given to her […]

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December 1

A Thought: A Storm Passed. Didn’t sleep well as the storm awakened me at 2:30 am. But I don’t have to work today as others may, and can catch a nap later if needed. We all probably have a storm or two we would sure like to pass from our lives into oblivion. But life doesn’t work that way. God […]

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November 30

A Thought: Do What You Need to Do. Achieve balance today by beginning with spiritual disciplines, focus on tasks, fellowship with someone you care about, some kind of exercise, and end your day with more time of thanks with God. Balance: a good thing to strive for this time of year and every day. Happy Friday! John 4:14 “But whoever […]

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November 29

A Thought: Getting Your Attention. The seasonal commercials have stepped up doing whatever they can to grab your attention. Popular yule songs and animated action figures, just to name a few, are utilized to see if they’ll capture you away from what you’re doing. Since I’m telling you about this, it obviously worked! What does God have to do to […]

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