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April 16

A Thought: Hold On! Whatever you’re having difficulty about in being patient, hold on, and trust God. The same God who created everything good in your life, is the same God who is creating your solution. Wait and be blessed in the waiting. Trust, and be blessed in His Wisdom. Have a Terrific Tuesday! Prov. 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord […]

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April 15

A Thought: Holy Week Is about Remembrance. On Palm Sunday, the cheers erupted for One they believed was their new militant king. They didn’t remember He was the Prince of Peace—-That there is more power in peace than anger. On Thursday, Christ said, “Remember Me,” as they had their last meal together. On Friday, a thief said, “Lord, remember me […]

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April 14

A Thought: Why Celebrate This Day? Palm Sunday to Good Friday (Holy Week) Echoes Life. We have our moments when we are adored, followed by moments we are betrayed and emotionally tortured. Unlike Jesus, most of us will escape intended physical torture. What we must realize is, because Jesus was praised then, crucified, you and I live in a life […]

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April 13

A Thought: The Presence of Gold. They’re Back! Every Spring and summer, if I faithfully fill the feeders with thistle seed, these beauties faithfully come and feast, giving us a continuous flash of Gold. But for me, it’s more than that—it’s a happy memory of my mother. She LOVED the everyday visit by the goldfinches. So, in a strange way, […]

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April 12

A Thought: The Simple Things. A Smile. A Kiss on the Cheek. A Chat. A Prayer. An Encouraging Word. These are the little things that can make a big difference. Everyone appreciates something kind, because everyone is dealing with something. Do what you can to lift up someone today. It doesn’t have to be much, to add greatly. Have a […]

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April 11

A Thought: Power Failure. 2 am power failure. 4 a m awakened to powered devices back on. While I’m thankful the electricity is back on, I’m reminded in our faith, we are equally disturbed when we are experiencing a ‘spiritual power failure.’ Unlike unknown sources when we lose electrical power, our spiritual power loss is on us! To stay ‘powered […]

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