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April 22

A Thought: Easter’s Not Over. Easter is all about transformation. That’s a choice you make. So it’s up to you whether you become the new creation in Christ, or you don’t. Happy Monday! 2 Cor. 5:17

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April 21

A Thought: He is Risen! Darkness has its place—For sleep; Before storms; etc… But Darkness could not hold Jesus nor should it hold you! Today I’m going to preach on why Jesus and Easter came to us. And you’ll find it’s not what you think… If you are able, I hope you will come join us. May you be exceptionally […]

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April 20

A Thought: Easter Can’t Be Entombed! Join us at Asbury tomorrow morning at 8:30 or 10:45 am services(1700 Napa Valley Dr, LR) and experience Why Jesus endured the Cross, and What you are being called to do as a result! Hold on! Sunday and Easter are coming!! “I must go, so the Comforter May be here for you.” John 16:7

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April 19

A Thought: LASTS. Last night, we observed Jesus’ Last meal before facing the betrayal in the lovely garden. It would be the Last time He would be with His disciples. It would be the Last time He would be in that Garden on that Mount of Olives He loved and retreated to for spiritual refreshment. As I ended the service, […]

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April 18

A Thought: Maundy Thursday. Today’s remembrance translates to Jesus’ command we should love and serve one another. Tonight our church will serve and remember Jesus in Holy Communion, followed by a time of anthems, scriptures and extinguishing candles, as we remember the darkness Jesus endured on the Cross and in the tomb, before His resurrection. Today pause and remember Christ […]

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April 17

A Thought: The Tree Of Life is Joy. This time of year we think of another kind of ‘tree.’ …Jesus, dying on a tree fashioned into a rough hone cross. His death and amazing resurrection is best honored when we share His love. May we be faithful to that today! Have a wonderful Wednesday! 1 John 4:7 Let us love […]

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