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March 7

A Thought: Another ‘Last.’ Last night was another’ final’ for me. I administered the imposition of ashes on my church family and community neighbors who came to our Ash Wednesday service. I was ok until I placed the ashen cross on the forehead of Tony Hilliard. I choked up and tears welled up, and it triggered Tony’s emotions, too. The Spirit […]

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March 6

A Thought: Lenten Season. Will you give UP something or give TO something? Observe the sacrifice of Christ given for your salvation with daily intent. It’s a Great way to Honor His Love for you! Jn.3:16 Happy Ash Wednesday!

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March 5

A Thought: Embrace the Moment, for It is Special. Yesterday was filled with special moments: impromptu song fest; special messages; good work; and important discussion and questions. Every component of the day was important and I was blessed to be a part of it. As we look to God’s gift of each day, it’s good to look at everything from […]

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March 4

A Thought: “ Lord, What Are We Going to Say Today?” That’s what I just asked. The word ‘hope’ came back. People make choices. They make statements. They commit actions. You’ll either buy into them or not. Here’s the HOPE for the day: Buy into the positive. Buy into the Word of God rather than any negative statement you may […]

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March 3

A Thought: Here’s What I Know: Today Belongs to the Lord. Not to the UMC politics. Not to local church politics. Not to the nation’s politics. This Day Belongs to Jesus! Get up out of your beds if you are able, and come worship Jesus. Let Him give you the strength to resist unhelpful words. Let Him cleanse you of […]

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March 2

A Thought: Even in the Ridiculous, Keep Faith. Even in Turmoil, Trust. Prov. 3:5-6 Happy Saturday!

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