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September 11

A thought: Seeing God. 1 John 4:12 states: “No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.” The way we love one another shows the world how we view God. That’s a pretty clear responsibility which gives no room for ego or righteous indignation. The […]

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September 10

A Thought: “Back-Up.” Question of the day: What do prayer partners and police officers have in common? They provide “back-up.” ‘Back-up’ supplies confidence and basically acknowledges you are not alone. When you turn to God and ask for His help, you can be assured He has ‘your back.’ He will take your struggles and guide you through them, giving you […]

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September 9

A Thought: With obedience, comes blessing. As Christians, we’d rather focus on blessings than obedience which Christ requires of us. I think it’s because we perceive obedience as restriction from what we want. The truth is, the greatest blessings are experienced when we realize how much we need The Lord, and when we follow what He says, our lives are […]

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September 8

A Thought: Blessing. Ok—it just needs to be said: Life is not perfect, so try to put your ‘whining mode’ in reverse. No matter what trauma you’re going through…someone in this world has it tougher. Face it: You and I are BLESSED. And our God of blessing loves you; is with you; and if we will practice a bit of […]

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September 7

A Thought: Holy Communion. Why is it so important to partake of this sacrament? We’re going to explore that today—Hint: It has something to do with a nail and a cash register….Hope you can join me in Celebration @ Asbury!

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September 6

A Thought: Saturdays. Saturdays offer us a couple of options: We can use them for work/projects or recreation/relaxation. Perhaps, you’ll use today to blend a balance of both. Remember, though, that even God rested from His work week! (He also commanded we worship Him) See you in worship Sun!

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