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September 17

A Thought: The Background. When our church had a fire drill last month, the one thing which startled us in the training beforehand, was those of us on staff couldn’t recall exactly where all the fire extinguishers or pull alarms were. They had become a part of the background—we passed them in the hallways everyday, but didn’t SEE them. Do […]

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September 16

A Thought: “Good Morning, Lord! There’s nothing I want to do today without You. There’s nothing I want to say today which does not reflect Your Spirit. This day, Lord, fill me with Your wisdom, compassion, and grace that all who see me, see YOU! Amen.” Matt.5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” 

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September 15

A Thought: Life’s surprises. Sometimes events occur in life which catch us “off guard.” Other times, events happen which we feel unprepared to cope. These times call upon us to draw deep from within our faith and trust our God to guide us through it. What greater resource could we have than our Lord who is not only wise, but […]

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September 14

A Thought: The sun rises. A couple is seen jogging. Another couple, driving to church. Truckers driving their loads to their destinations. Others still asleep in their warm beds—others asleep under the bridge. And God is with and loves them all. He yearns that each will take some time with Him today. This is Sabbath and “this is the day […]

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September 13

A Thought: Weekends. Our weekends are as full as our workdays! There are the chores, projects, sports, charity work, housework, and bills to pay. By the time we get to Sunday, we really just want to rest. That’s understandable. It’s also understandable the Lord instituted Sabbath not only for rest, but worship of Him. We might bear that in mind […]

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September 12

A Thought: The Bigger Picture. Discouragement, hypocrisy, terror threats, financial woes…the list goes on as to what may trouble you. Trust in God can sometimes feel a remote possibility. However, allow God to remind you nothing lasts forever, and that INCLUDES hard times. The Lord God who has gone to extreme lengths to plan eternity, can and will take care […]

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