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July 19

A Thought: Extreme kindness. Reaching out to others who don’t expect it; giving an extra gift to someone as “you pay it forward;” offering encouraging and affirming words on someone’s behalf; helping someone who could really use your help—these are all ways to offer extreme kindness, and each of us is called daily to give of ourselves through it. What […]

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July 18

A Thought: Daily Choices. Each day we have the opportunity to examine our choices and reflect on our motives, actions and words. Others may not understand, so you may find yourself having to explain or defend your position. Calmly, peacefully and firmly share your stance. There is peace within when you have done or are doing the right thing. God […]

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July 17

A Thought: Clouds. Most of us like to see clear blue skies, but on this day, I’m thankful for clouds. They brought the shower through the night; and are shading the day from the heat. And our Lord ascended into the clouds after His resurrection to prepare to descend from the clouds one day, to bring us home. In your […]

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July 16

A Thought: Cool Air. I have to admit, there’s not a lot of scriptures on this subject, but I did find one! Gen. 3:8 says “they hid from God in the garden in the cool of the day.” Of course, we can’t hide from God—after all, if we believe we are not alone and He is with us everywhere, then […]

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July 15

A Thought: Mute Buttons. I am SO thankful for mute buttons! No matter who you favor politically, the ads are full of negativity. I don’t want to hear them—they ‘poison’ my spirit. In life, what is it you need to ‘mute’ from your existence? We do not need to desensitize ourselves by acceptance. We just need to either block being […]

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July 14

A Thought: Mundane tasks. Everyday holds the routine, unexciting and/or tedious tasks. We become bored or disgruntled by them fairly easily, and quickly can discover ourselves in a bad mood, complaining and grumbling. Well, THAT’S not helpful. Focus on the end result, and be thankful for your work, and your health and energy to do it. Now, go get ’em! […]

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