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December 11

A Thought: Sentimentality. The last few days I’ve shared about personal traditions at Christmas. Many of us travel down ‘memory lane’ this time of year. We find ourselves being a bit sentimental as we relive those memories. These Ideals magazines were my grandmother’s. They are filled with beautiful art; pics of warm fuzzy puppies and kittens; delighted faces of children […]

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December 10

A Thought: Changes. We all have changes in our lives. From day to day we need God to help us get through whatever may come our way. Some days we may be shouting, “Praise God!” while other times we may be crying out, “I need a miracle!” Whatever the day may bring, changes will come and we need to trust […]

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December 9

A Thought: Ornaments. This pic is from our 9 ft. Old-fashioned Christmas tree. In this pic you can see the hummingbird ornament to the left our daughter Kate brought back from China; a triangular Holy Family scene from my parents’ Christmas ornaments dated back to the ’40’s, and a red angel ornament given to Tony and me from friends in […]

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December 8

A Thought: Christmas Quiet. We all know we are super busy this time of year, but I believe we honor the Christ Child more with our quiet reflections of Him, than our busy-ness. One of my favorite things to do this season is to spend a few moments in front of the Christmas lights and give thanks for “The Light […]

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December 7

A Thought: The Drums of Christmas. We’ll be looking at this idea today as we begin the series,”The Sounds of Christmas.” As drums set the tempo of the band, so the state of our beating heart sets the rhythm by which we choose to live our lives. I hope to see you in worship at Asbury UMC, Little Rock, or […]

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December 5

A Thought: Responsible Giving. This time of year everyone wants your gifts: kids, spouse, co-workers, charities, the Church. It can be a bit much, and rob you of your joy. Here’s the deal: Do what you can responsibly while practicing priority and without making January something to dread. Jesus taught us a thing or two about HOW to give: “ […]

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