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January 18

A Thought: Sharing a thought. Heard this and liked it– “May your worship today be a playground of the Spirit!” Enjoy the Sabbath!

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January 17

A Thought: Today. Saturdays are work days for some; relaxing day for others; and project or “chores/errands day” for others. Either way, it’s your day and gift from God. Rejoice and make it great! “ Ps. 95:2 ” Come to the Lord and give thanks for He is great.

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January 16

A Thought: How will you share the love and grace of God today? It’s not only a challenge. It’s a privilege.

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January 14

A Thought: There’s Something Better Coming! Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why something has happened; a door has slammed shut; or something unexpected has popped up and seemingly, affected everything else, and disrupted our plans. That’s when we look to our faith, breathe, and plunge forward. Romans 8:28 “All things work for good for those who love The Lord and […]

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January 13

A Thought:Keep the faith. Every day will present someone or something which seems to ‘pop-up’ unexpectedly, and often, uninvited, challenging, possibly shaking, our faith. Remember God is bigger than any problem. Be patient—while He works it out, but keep the faith! Heb. 11:1″Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.”

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January 11

Ps.122:1  “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord!” We will worship today at 8:30, 10:45 Divine services, and 10:45 Celebration for Baptism of our Lord Sunday, when you will be invited to ‘remember’ your baptism. Roads and parking lot all clear to Asbury! Hope to see you there!

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