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March 13

A Thought: Mistakes. Some times you have to suffer consequences of not your mistakes, but that of others. Staff at a medical facility didn’t follow through with an appointment made through another office months ago. When I called to confirm yesterday, I discovered there was no appointment. My doctor needed the results of a test in order to move forward […]

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March 12

A Thought: Storms. ‘Tis the season for storms. Awoke at 4:30 am from one of them. We were safe, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. People who are cleaning up after thunderstorms, snowstorms and tornadoes, need our prayers and support. The thing about storm damage, it forces you to rebuild your property and other ways to rebuild […]

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March 11

A Thought: Tears. Yesterday I witnessed tears. Something resonated and tears followed. Tears are gifts. It’s God’s way of washing away the bad feelings you have to make room for more Joy. Have a great Monday! Ps116:8 “For You have rescued my soul from death,My eyes from tears,My feet from stumbling.”

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March 10

A Thought: “Easy Like Sunday Morning” 🎶 This Sunday morning might not be so easy if you didn’t prepare to go to sleep a little earlier and set your clocks forward to help adjust. But Sundays SHOULD be easy. No option about whether you’re going to church. God said to observe the Sabbath. He didn’t make it an option to worship […]

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March 9

A Thought: Don’t Be Late! How many times have we been late for God? He’s on the move and we’re lagging behind! While God’s Grace goes ahead of us, God’s Presence is Beside us. Keep Pace with God today, and plan each day to spend time with God. And tonight, set your alarm clocks FORWARD one hour(in case your cell […]

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March 8

A Thought: Friday in Lent. It’s more than eating fish. It’s digesting the fact we didn’t deserve Christ’s giving up His life for us. But rather than feel guilt, feel grace. Rather than speaking sorrow, lift unstoppable praise! John 3:16

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