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January 21

A Thought: Family. On this MLK Day, I think of the sacrifice Martin Luther King made towards his family in preaching justice and human sensitivity to promote a higher level of understanding in the way our society relates to one another in most every way. To care for family in healthy ways is the best way you can ensure a […]

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January 20

A Thought: Happy Sunday!

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January 18

A Thought: Excited! What are you excited about? These three are coming for a visit while SIL goes hunting. It will be the first overnight visit for them since Camden was born. I can imagine Jesus got excited seeing the joy and Thanksgiving on the faces of those He healed; when Zaccheus ‘got it’ and his life turned around or […]

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January 17

A Thought: Cherish your friends and Let Them Know They Are Important to You! Where would we be without our friends? They enrich our lives in so many ways. I thank God today for technology that enables us to stay connected no matter what. When an acquaintance becomes a true friend, it is a blessed day. Today celebrate with a […]

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January 16

A Thought: News just announced today is “National Nothing Day.” Established in 1973( that explains a lot—oil and gas crisis!), This was a day designed for you to do nothing. Really? I get we need breaks, respite, time away—but a whole day set aside without purpose? Fulfillment? Activity? I think of those who endure day after day after day where […]

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January 15

A Thought: Don’t Assume-Check it out for yourself. Everyday we make ‘safe assumptions,’ based on experience, patterns of behavior, etc But, not all assumptions and perceptions are correct—you don’t necessarily trust your gut or your source. Either way, it’s healthier to check it out for yourself. It will render you peace as you resolve a situation on your own. Jesus […]

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