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May 14

A Thought: Unplugged. Sometimes you just need to ‘unplug,’ for a variety of reasons. We can become consumed with social media, especially if you’ve just had an event like a wedding! I love being connected, but just need a little break. So, I’ll be off FB for a bit, returning just in time for you to wish me ‘happy birthday!’ […]

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May 12

A Thought: Diffuse a Situation. On any given day, you may be presented with a situation which upsets you. You have a couple of options: React and get angry or Respond and work through the situation with patience and prayer. It seems thoughtful compassion and conversation are good ways to diffuse the situation. Step back and reflect honestly: Is this […]

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May 11

A Thought: Images. As many of you know, Kara has placed her wedding photos on FB. It takes the better part of an hour to go through the nearly 300 of them! But, I’ve enjoyed looking at them as they have brought me back to that wonderful day. Images do that–they either take us back to our experience or they […]

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May 9

A Thought: Hope for the Blessing. Dreading something this week? So often we experience a surprise in a moment we were dreading—things turn out better than expected; something good happens that wouldn’t have otherwise, had we not been there for that experience. So, brace yourself, and determine you will have HOPE for the Blessing to Come! Gen. 50:20 “God intended […]

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May 8

A Thought: What’s Ahead. We have challenges before us everyday—some known; some unexpected. Yesterday I coughed in the middle of my message delivery to the point I began to choke a bit, and couldn’t breathe. My liturgist, Doug Walker, stepped in for me, got a cough drop, began to carry the message with the Spirit for a few moments, until […]

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May 7

A Thought: WE ARE SO BLESSED. When someone does something nice for you, don’t you immediately want to thank them? Don’t you want to be present with them somehow to give a gesture of thanks? A hug? A personal word? Worship is all about being in the Presence of the Lord and thanking Him for the blessings given you. It […]

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