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September 20

A Thought: Help. It’s so great when people see a need and want to help. Real help comes from the heart. Some people help to ‘be seen;’ others to ‘earn points.’ Help from the heart comes from a good place of genuinely wanting to relieve someone of a burden. Jesus wanted help and support from His disciples as He prayed […]

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September 19

A Thought: Follow Your Instinct. Yesterday was a day of blessing. I visited in the hospital a church member, as well as, a parent of a church member whom I had never met. I visited and prayed with them, and was extremely blessed by their gratitude for a simple visit and moment of prayer. My hope is they will improve […]

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September 18

A Thought: It’s About Trust. You have a decision to make. You have a direction to decide. It’s all about trust…and prayer…and then, trust again. God has a Will for your life. Trust He’s working it out. Oh, do what you should responsibly do, without controlling or trying to influence or persuade God’s Will, but ultimately TRUST God has ‘your […]

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September 17

A Thought: What We Take for Granted. What do you take for granted? Your job being there for you tomorrow? Grace from a person to whom you have been inconsiderate? Electricity? Electronics? Friends? Your Church? Spouse? Jesus? In this new day, begin with thanking God for your blessings. Victims of fire, storms, disease, and crime, would suggest this, as they […]

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September 16

A Thought: How? From time to time, people have asked me “How do I tell others about Christ?” I tell them they have the most important part: Desire. Then, pray for the opportunity and the Lord will supply the words to share. Today, I’m going to share a bit more in depth about how to do that. The world needs […]

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September 12

A Thought: Take the Little Things and feel a Big Difference! Aromatic candles burning; an unexpected smile; taking a walk; entertain a visitor; buying a gift for someone you love; giving yourself a treat; saying a heartfelt prayer for someone..and also, yourself. These are just a few little things that bring a big bonus of subtle joy. Life has pretty […]

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