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July 20

A Thought: When Your Angel is Too Heavy! Little Angel has arrived for her visit and is already teaching me things. She looked on the table and saw a pic of my grandmother and wanted to wear some ear bobs, too. So she is wearing her great, great grandmother’s ear bobs! Then, she saw the angel bookend and identified it […]

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July 19

A Thought. It’s Going to be OK. Whatever ‘it’ is, it’s going to be ok because you have the Mighty Lord watching over you and caring for you. No one loves you like the Lord Jesus Christ, so quit worrying and just live your life. And Trust. You’re in good hands! Psalm 116:1-2 “1 I love the Lord because He […]

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July 18

A Thought: Life Should Bring You Excitement! ‘Aunt Kiki'(Kara) is bringing Miss Laine Austin to visit her Emmi and Poppa T, and we are excited! Preparations have been made with toys, cherrios, mac and cheese and ice cream just to name a few. I believe life should hold a moment every day that is either special or exciting. What will […]

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July 17

A Thought: The ‘Bounce’ from Blessings. So yesterday was just the best! Church services included traveling back to the ’50’s; welcoming our new Associate Pastor, Reverend Doug Walker and his lovely wife, Cindi, a very productive Stewardship meeting, afterward movie, good dinner and evening bike ride. It was a blessed day and buoys my spirit for my work today. Think […]

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July 16

A Thought: Sunday Services. Most of us grew up going to Sunday worship services. You didn’t miss church unless you were sick. Lots more reasons are given today for not attending worship, and for some, there’s almost an apathy. People find something wrong with the preacher, the music, the children’s dept or youth. It’s too hot; it’s too cold, etc. […]

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July 15

A Thought: Every now and then, challenge yourself! I’ve heard so much about Little Rock’s Big Dam Bridge, Tony and I thought we ought to go see what all the ‘fuss’ was about it. It was a wonderful challenge with beautiful scenery and lots of folk were taking advantage of the slightly cooler temps through walking or cycling. Have to […]

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