November 7

A Thought: Falling Leaves. I did a funeral a few years back. I had asked beforehand for the daughter to show me her deceased mother’s Bible. I wanted to discover perhaps, passages of scripture which may have been marked, to give me ‘clues’ as to scriptures which may have been important to her. As I flipped through the pages, I found a single dried leaf. The daughter nor I knew its significance. I thought about that leaf and it became a point of inspiration for my message for her funeral. A leaf must fall to make the way for the bud to come of New Life. Our body will die in its time making way for the eternal new life our salvation in Jesus Christ will bring. With each day we live, we come closer to our Maker. New Life begins today, as our faith is ’budding.’ Embrace it!
Happy Tuesday! 2 Cor. 5:13 “The old must pass away for the new to come.”

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