Stone Soup- August 27

Ever think about why God invented things like fun, curiosity, sweat, love?

Asbury Friends,

As is our custom please see the following little tibbits from our Stone Soup Mission last Sunday.  As really is the case this time, please extend a church wide thank you for those who may not be on this e-mail list.

I am going to start with – Amy Shores, you have such a group of amazing teens!  Thank you for your leadership with them.  And before we all think we just had teens – goodness gracious we had some of the wildest hard woking adults from those who just wanted to serve to parents and supporters of our youth who also wanted to serve and you could not tell the youth they were with!

Major shout out to Preston Cowan.  Preston, know you thought you could pass on helping this time but boy I was glad you changed your mind and brought your energy and enthusiasm to our kitchen.  It is true that when you have a large group of volunteers it is the biggest blessing to God and those we serve and it also creates some interesting times.  Preston, your solid kitchen leadership helped me so much to focus on the all and it was so helpful.

The men provided stout leadership for Asbury’s Living Water Ministry.  Thank you for taking on the ministry and meaning so much for those who we opened the door to early.  To talk one on one.  To sit down with.  To listen.  To witness is such a part of what we desire to bring for God to others.

I’ll get ahead of the day in remembering.  As we circled and prayed together before we served, to all look over at Mike Dupas sitting alone with a gentleman at a side table.  Glowing.  Ernestly listening and sharing.  God helped Mike with the man he connected with while God connected with all of us.

What a meal.  Tuna caserole, Pasta, Salad, Bread, Cookies and the vveerryy special Asbury Youth mystery sack Sqaush Caserole!  (Thought I’d say Asbury Chips, didn’t you/they).  There is one Asbury youth.  One with favorite athletic shoes (former).  I am very curious to see if a prediction of going to school and all around thinking, “what is that smell?”   The can opener just seemed to get away from him as he opened a hundred cans of tuna.   (Blaim it on the can opener)  Tuna juice escaped to 3-sides of the table (floor) and I pair of shoes.  (Now he knows I love him so hope tuna juice turned to water.)  We will see when he comes to church Sunday.  Apparently the special Itialian make from scratch dressing was a hit too and thank you ladies for designing it.

The hall was decked out in flowers, tea, milk, Tang & water.  THANKS ALL.  And let the serving begin!

One of our young up-comers jumped in, unassigned, to wash dishes and was doing a super job.  She exclaimed, “oh no, I am alergic to this dishwashing soap” and she was.  Wow, she didn’t back away just got some help and she transitioned to drying.  Too cool.  Later ….. when the sink backed up with a different group of youth, they yelled help!  By the time someone (me) circled back to try and help they had fixed it themselves and were working again.

Thank you all who brought clothes, glasses, fruit and stuff.  The orange back pack with the strange weird I don’t know what it was face was snapped up quickly (by a gent who then fall asleep in the Living Water chairs only to be the last chair open there and woken by his peers to eat).

The volunteers fixed what I think was at least 125 bags of sandwiches (at 2 sandwiches a bag).  I happen to know the person who donated zips locks bread and PBJ plus a Quapaw lady came in early with 4 loaves of bread plus we ran the pantry out of bread going PBJ and tuna sandwiches.  (Another plug to THANK YOU Asbury when you give anything…. Fruit, water, clothes, utensiles, female products, you name it….. IT HELPS!)

The service ended with us doing major cleaning and shutting off water to a toliet we could not stop.  A good day.

Praise the Lord for a special moment when some of the youth and I got to take a few minutes in the back of the room and talk about Jesus, Love, and what and why we were there this day.  Our youth are so special.

I have left out so much and we have each had imprinted on our souls what we did, loved and learned.

We served 117 by the end of the service.

God Bless You,

Greg Stansell

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