April 20

A Thought: Construction.

Living in a new neighborhood means there’s going to be construction around you. Right now, there are three homes under construction in our neighborhood and right by us. As a result, we have the debris which may blow in our yard or the street; must watch for a stray nail or two; and of course the noise or the occasional utility truck which at times, can obstruct our ability to get out of our driveway. These inconveniences simply go with building something new. What are you ‘building’ new in your life? A Dream? A Career? A Relationship?
A More Serious Endeavor in Your Faith? Like the construction, there may be obstructions or inconveniences or some ‘clean up’ to bring your hopes and plans to become reality. But anything of value to you, involves sacrifice.

“I will give you the strength you need.” Isaiah 45:6

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