June 18

A Thought: Remembering. These are the fathers in my life. They include my father; my paternal and maternal grandfathers, who were deceased before I was born; my own wonderful Tony Hilliard, who is a fantastic father to our daughters; Tony’s father, Allan, who was fatherly and a pastoral mentor to me; and my son-in-law, Channin, who is a fabulously smitten father to our granddaughter Laine Austin.
This weekend remember the fathers in your life–those men of your family and those who have been ” fatherly” to you in faith.
Have a blessed one in the name of our Almighty Father(no pic found) (except in the love of Christ through the faces of His followers!) Ephes. 6:2

“Honor your father and mother”–which is the first commandment with a promise.”
June 18

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