June 10

10A Thought: What You See Reflects Where Your Mind Is.

This picture was taken last year on our trip to Charleston, S.C. It was the gate from the courtyard of our hotel leading out to the street. I took it because I like pretty iron work and also, I immediately saw the sacred symbols in its classic, basic design. I saw the circles, reminders of God’s eternal, unconditional Love and Presence with me, which has no end; and I saw the fish , reminding me of the symbol which all followers of Christ know as the sign of discipleship. On vacation, clear of all thoughts of work and agenda, my mind was at rest, and opened me up to see and receive God’s Presence…even in the little things. Today, be watchful! God is showing you signs He is with you wherever you are, and whatever need you may have. Enjoy your weekend!

Mt. 28:28 ” I am with you always.”

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