April 25

A Thought: The World Awakening.

I’m up and outside the birds are affirming it’s time to start the day! Whippoorwills and some other (somewhat obnoxious!) other birds are creating a frenzied chorus. I’m drinking coffee and shortly will begin the process of getting the day on!
How do you and I “awaken” our world around us? Do we greet it with a smile today? A little more patience? A little better attitude? An encouraging word to someone who needs it?
Witness to the world today that you are “awake” in Christ! Yesterday is over, today is here. Make it a great one! God Bless each of you!

Ps. 8:4 “When I look at the heavens; the work of Your hands; I think ” who am I…”, yet you have made me a little less than an angel…”

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