October 23

A Thought: Resolve.

Sometimes, we come face to face with the fact our minds and hearts have drifted a bit from our desired direction. About the time we realize we’ve done this, some of our actions/words have impacted our goal. We may even lapse into negative thinking that we can’t stop or reverse what has taken place. Not true! Look at the faith saga of God’s people. Repentance, kindness, wisdom are never practices which are ‘too late’ to put us ‘back on track.’ So, if you find yourself thinking or feeling you’ve ‘lost some ground,’ don’t dwell on that thought. Instead, focus, pray, and open up God’s Word and you will find much-needed inspiration to place you back on the path determining your goal.

“We must pay more attention to what we have heard, so we will not drift away.” Heb. 2:1

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