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May 18

A Thought: Just Scrape It Off! At the bottom right corner of the black wrought iron railing in this pic, you’ll see what is known as a ‘boot scraper.’ This was a common sight throughout historic Savannah. With the dirt roads and cobblestone streets, there was a need to scrape your boots before entering one of Savannah’s fine homes. In […]

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May 17

A Thought: Out Of Place. While walking the historic district of Savannah, admiring the antebellum homes, gingerbread houses, and hundreds-of-years-old massive,sweeping low oaks, this shop seemed a bit out of place. The mannequins were gold plastic which emphasized the shop’s objective: “The Future.” There are times we all feel ‘out of place’—out of our league compared to someone else; out […]

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May 16

A Thought: Failure. Everyone has a failure or two they painfully acknowledge, if they’re aware or honest. Even great leaders know that you grow to leadership from learning great truth from personal failures. John Wesley, founder of Methodism, failed miserably in his mission to convert the Native Americans when coming to America to preach salvation in Christ. He would eventually […]

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May 15

A Thought: Another Repeat. ( It’s called ‘ Vacation.’)

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May 14

A “Repeat.” Make it a Marvelous Monday!

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May 13

A Thought: You Were ALWAYS Beside Me. Teacher by trade; in my life, and even from Heaven, I hear and remember your wisdom and compassion. Thanks for being there—my greatest cheerleader and friend, ALWAYS. Happy Mother’s Day to all! Prov. 31:29 ““Many women do excellently , but you surpass them all.”

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