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March 9

A Thought: Barbie Turns 59 Today! There is no telling how many hours I played Barbies as a little girl. I had Barbie play dates with friends, either coming to my house or I went to theirs. Barbie didn’t do much for my self image: I would never have her long, lashes or long legs or gorgeous clothes. But I […]

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March 8

A Thought: Shake it off, and Straighten Up! Some days are just about perfect, right? Other days, something is said or happens, and suddenly you’re sinking. How can you lift yourself up again? Remember who you are, and to Whom you belong! You are Royalty because you belong to the King who traded a crown of thorns so you could […]

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March 7

A Thought: Ya Gotta’ Laugh! One Sunday at Asbury UMC, Gi and I showed up in almost the exact same outfit! I mean, even black tops, pants, and heels, as well! Val Carr took our pic. Just two peas in a pod, I guess. When you find yourself bogged down about something, step back a minute, and just laugh about […]

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March 6

A Thought: Lots of people I care about are really sick. Lots of people I care about are drowning in their need. All I can offer to help make a difference is listen, pray for them, and offer some act of compassion and word of hope. As you begin your day, pray for those you know need your prayers, while […]

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March 5

A Thought: What Did You Say?! This picture of Laine Austin when she was about three months old, cracks me up! I was aiming this flat rectangle in front of her sweet face (my phone!) and it was a curious thing for her, no doubt. Our words can be ‘curious’ things, as well. Guard them with your life, as they […]

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March 4

A Thought: Hope. Everyone has something for which they need Hope. Hope is that prayer and presence of mind which sustains you through difficulties. Hope is that state of mind where you anticipate God’s Blessings coming your way. And Hope is a reality which fills your life with positivity and peace. Practice Hope each day and you will experience God’s […]

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